changing the world whilst walking down a country road …

Changing the world whilst walking down a country road …

I was literally brought to tears this morning whilst reflecting on a project I spent some time on recently.

You see, I spent the day helping Ian McKay (founder of Noble Endeavours) with his business model and planning. We reviewed various structures that will support his project and aid in attracting investors. We reviewed his marketing plans and matrix and developed strategies to help build a greater profile for this fabulous initiative.

In just a few hours it was my privilege to help Ian get clear on a go forward strategy for 2012, including a more robust business model and strategic plan to help raise much needed seed funding. We analysed and segmented the market and mapped out a marketing strategy with clear and achievable goals. We laughed and played and went for a long walk along a country road and shared personal stories about why we are motivated and drawn to work on projects like this.

Meaning and purpose and making a contribution are so important to happiness and the central tenets of a truly successful enterprise.

Noble Endeavours is providing health and education to families in a remote region of the Philippines and helping more than 100 children to receive an education and a hot meal each day. It’s a wonderful project, founded by Ian and his late wife, Janice McKay. They felt called to help the poorest of the poor and their work is impacting on the lives of so many. Their vision is to build self-sustaining communities in developing countries that can help educate and provide much needed health care. The project is organised around a charitable foundation that accepts donations to help seed and build local facilities to assist with education, health and food supplies. This forms the foundation for the development of local business opportunities, which then expand and grow and provide ongoing funding for the school and medical centre – a virtuous and beautiful cycle, raising people up out of poverty. It’s a great model and shows what can be done to help people become self-sufficient and improve their standard of living.

Ian wants to make a difference in the world and is doing it.

He has a dream to build these types of facilities around the globe. I love working with people that have a big dream and a big heart. And so, I realise this morning’s tears were tears of gratitude – I am so grateful to be able to use my many years of experience in the corporate world to make a difference in the real world.

For more information visit Noble Endeavours

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  1. “Meaning and purpose and making a contribution are so important to happiness and the central tenets of a truly successful enterprise”.

    This a far better explanation than my answer to the same question that you asked me yesterday. I get it now.