About Mark Falzon

Mark Falzon grew up in an environment which promoted independence, initiative, hard work and entrepreneurial drive. Both his parents were entrepreneurs. His mother owned ladies retail clothing shops and his father owned a motel.

Mark began helping out by counting the weekly cash takings from his mother’s shop and answering the phone to take bookings for their motel. He worked in the family retail shop writing sales dockets and doing the weekly banking. He regularly accompanied his mother to Sydney at fashion ranges to buy merchandise for the shop. His mother read him to sleep with books like Think and Grow Rich and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The early business education, sparked Mark’s curiosity. Spurred by a desire to enrich his life by looking at the world through different lenses at the tender age of 16, Mark travelled to India with his brother Albert Falzon, to make his first documentary film. This curious spark eventually led to more than 40 documentaries, some of which have won international awards and been screened globally in over 100 countries.

A skilled stills photographer, sound recordist and editor, Mark has produced over 300 corporate videos, television and radio commercials and was Founder and CEO, for more than 10 years of advertising agency, CCM Group.

By his my mid-twenties, Mark had travelled the world, sold television programs into more than 100 countries, built a successful business and then sold it to travel with his wife around Australia and live in the country.

After five years in the wilderness Mark decided it was time to come back to the real world.

Mark’s Love for Helping Businesses Succeed

Mark first demonstrated his skill in running successful businesses as General Manager of Blue Rock, one of Sydney’s largest and most successful event management and catering groups.

Under his leadership, the company grew from a start-up to a $12 million business in less than three years. The company was listed, two consecutive years, in the Business Review Weekly’s 100 fastest growing companies in Australia and won many awards including the prestigious Restaurant and Catering Association’s National Caterer of the Year Award two years running.

The company managed 12 high quality venues across Sydney such as The Australian Museum, Centrepoint Tower, Fort Denison and The Scientia. During the company’s peak periods it delivered 6,000 meals across Sydney each night. Blue Rock was selected as a caterer for the opening of the prestigious Fox Studios delivering quality canapés and designer finger foods to more than 5,000 celebrities and distinguished guests.

For eight years Mark was the joint founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Ark Group of Companies, one of the most dynamic wealth and prosperity businesses in Australia.

Comprising six companies specialising in financial planning, education, property research, real estate, investment finance and marketing, along with event management and production. Ark Group had more than $1bn in assets under advisement and was named as one of Australia’s Top 100 fastest growing companies by Business Review Weekly (2004, 2005 and 2007).

Mark was the Executive Chairman for two years of Yaqara Group Limited (YGL), a publically listed company registered on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. YGL held the rights to develop “Yaqara Studio City” on 5,500 acres of coastal land on Viti Levu, the largest of the Fiji Islands. The project represented the largest fully master-planned greenfield development in the South Pacific. Mark was a Director from 2003 and was appointed Chairman in 2006.

Specialising in accelerated growth for SME’s Mark Falzon has more than 30 years business management experience in a diversity of industries including film and television, advertising and marketing, event management, retail fashion, hospitality, finance, hotel and restaurant management, human resources, property, financial planning, mortgage broking, investing, mentoring and coaching.

In Mark’s own words,
“I love teams and seeing how under the right conditions they can achieve astounding results and will move mountains for you. I love customers and how honest and loyal they can be. Love them, and you will have raving fans, but treat them badly, and watch your business fall apart. I love suppliers and how they can deliver above and beyond the call of duty if you look after them. It’s a game. It’s fun and demanding and punishing and exciting and challenging and rewarding and … so much more.”

Mark currently serves as an advisor on various boards and is an in-demand business consultant known for taking start-ups and small to medium enterprises and transforming them into highly successful sustainable businesses.

Inspiring Founders and CEOs Passionate About Shaping a Sustainable Planet

Having travelled to some of the world’s most unusual destinations and with 30 years of experience in growing teams and businesses, Mark believes business leaders have a greater responsibility than what they are able to demonstrate on the balance sheet.

Mark now dedicates his time to helping Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are passionate about making our planet sustainable. Extremely selective in deciding who he works with, Mark’s clients demonstrate a willingness to be open to ideas which challenge their existing beliefs and are willing to make the changes required to grow and develop a sustainable business.

They want to make a difference in the world, their life and the lives of others by growing their business and becoming financially independent so that they can go on and do the things in their life that they really want to do.

Living in the country and spending time with nature has taught Mark about the seasons and natural ebb and flow of life. He can see how this applies to business and how difficult it is to observe by leaders immersed in the challenge of running a profitable business. The constant attention on minute operational details draws the attention away from the vision for the business.

Mark provides an objective external perspective and a roadmap for steering his clients back on track to achieving meaningful goals from a business, personal and sustainability viewpoint.

Mark understands the stresses of being a leader. He understands the egoist drive CEO’s have which drive and often haunt them. He relates to the “am I good enough” and “am I worthy” questions which can paralyse or drive a leader to success.

Challenging Assumptions and Introducing Life-Altering Concepts

Clients who work with Mark are invited to his farm in the country New South Wales where over four days, they have their assumptions challenged and are introduced to new and unconventional concepts which empowers them to overcome what were previously insurmountable challenges, by exploring options they never even knew existed.

Removed from the day-to-day stress of business, the serenity of the farm is an ideal environment to internalise concepts at a deep subconscious level. From insights into core business areas such as business analysis, process and performance, to leadership, philosophy and life purpose, Mark taps into his client’s deepest needs, concerns and opportunities.

The outcome is that clients are able to uncover unique and powerful pathways towards making intelligent, intuitive and productive decisions for a rewarding future.

It’s why many founders and CEOs turn to Mark’s wise counsel when faced with a situation where they are unable to draw on their own knowledge and experience to find a solution.

Connecting People and Opportunities Synergistically for a Sustainable Future

Mark’s mission is to connect people and opportunities together which synergistically work towards the greater good of mankind. He has a burning desire to encourage entrepreneurs to use business as a catalyst for positive change on the planet. A proponent of technology and smart thinking, he is inspired to work with people and teams committed to making their vision a reality.

Working quietly behind the scenes to make a difference, Mark does not seek the spotlight or the recognition. Not wanting to be centre stage, Mark genuinely seeks to help clients lift their performance and allow their greatness to shine through.

Asked many times how he has managed to help so many of his own staff go on to become great leaders and entrepreneurs in the world, Mark simply replies, “all I do is look for the greatness in others and then help them see it in themselves”.

Mark is constantly in search of leaders seeking help in turning their vision of growing a business with a view to a sustainable future into reality. Mark can be contacted through the Contact Us page on his website for an introductory discussion for those who are desirous of his help.