Video Testimonials

Alexi Neocleous

Founder & CEO, Marketing Bump


“It’s not so much about what Mark does.
It’s more about what he creates!”

Julie Masters

Founder & CEO, Influence Nation


“Mark is a rock. He has the unique combination of having the business knowledge and bringing a stillness and reflection to things.”

Crystal Diaz

Chief Financial Controller, Collective Intelligence Group


“Mark unleashes my power.
He unlocks my potential.”

Amanda Watson

Associate Director, Dixon Advisory


“The farm creates an environment where you can relax
and feel at total peace.”

Danielle Chiel

Founder & Director of KOCO


“Mark is for anyone who has a burning desire, either to grow themselves or their business.”

Jane Monica Jones

Financial Therapist & Holistic Psychotherapist


“The brilliance of Mark is his ability to see an individual and really synergise great opportunities for them, which they can start delivering on straight away.”

Mark Trowell

CEO, Yabonza


“He makes us think. He took us out of the everyday and set us up for success in the future.”

David Thomas

China Business Expert & Speaker


“Mark has a vary broad range of interest about how business is done and a different range of skills in the way he communicates.”

Samuel Junghenn

Founder, Think Big Online


“Mark has the ability to ask the right questions.
As you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Justin Swadling

Construction, Redtown Bricklaying


“Mark will take you beyond your current level of thinking and offer you perspective to look back at your life in a totally different way than you’ve possibly ever looked at before.”

Miriam Jones

Founding Partner, Momentum Collective


“Mark has a beautiful heart.
And a very active, intelligent mind.”

Gisele Gambi

Business Coach, Gisele Gambi


“Mark is my hero partner. Every time we meet for coffee there is an expansion which occurs.”

Yale Carden

Managing Director, GeoExchange Australia


“I learned the ability to step back through Mark. There is more power and wisdom in looking at things differently.”

Paul Ford

Founder & Director, Down The Line Consulting


“Mark can see the best thing in you. But also the worst. And he has the ability to help you balance it.”

James Hayes

Founder & CEO, Collective Intelligence Group
Australia, UK, America & Columbia


“Mark is relaxed, engaged and quirky. He has the capacity to see past the words which are provided and find the depth of the person beyond what they’re saying.”

Julie Cairns

Managing Director – ‎Trading Pursuits Group


“It’s hard to say what Mark does because it’s a bit of magic.”

Michelle Duval

Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur Coach


“Working with Mark feels like it’s about your business but will end up being a deeply personal transformational experience.”

Dale Beaumont

Artifical Intelligence(AI) Entrepreneur
Business Technology Expert


“He doesn’t come from the theory side of things, he has actually built several multi-million dollar businesses and so speaks from real experience.”