Designed for the serious entrepreneur or CEO wanting to accelerate their personal development and the growth of their business, this exclusive one on one program is tailored around the specific needs of the client.

It commences with a country retreat which unfolds into a six week intensive program, followed by a series of tailored workshops and ongoing personal mentoring.

Country Retreat

The program starts with four days in the country on our farm. It is designed so that you completely stop and step out of your business and the day-to-day operation so that you can take a helicopter view from a more remote and objective position.

It also enables us to connect at a personal level and develop the trust required to work closely together to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Firstly you will drive or fly to the Mid-North Coast. Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie are the closest airports. If you are flying we will meet you at the plane and accompany you back to the farm. If you are driving, it is about six hours from Sydney or Brisbane respectively.

At the farm you will get to stay in a fully refurbished beautiful country cottage. You won’t need to bring anything. We provide fresh meals prepared form home grown organic vegetables and other local produce.

You will have a hammock for daydreaming and a range of activities to stimulate your mind and appetite, such as bushwalking, surfing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, horse riding, gardening, books and great movies, etc.

We also provide a relaxing massage by one of the local therapists and would highly recommend a yoga session at the local studio.

Over the course of the four days we will, through some structured workshops and in a more informal way, get to the heart of what your business objectives really are.

We will review in detail your Current Reality … what your business looks like now. We will cover things such as:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • What are your limiting beliefs
  • How you are funded
  • Historical financials and forecasts
  • What does your team look like
  • What resources you have/need
  • Capacity Review
  • Where are your key leverage points
  • What does your current branding and positioning look like
  • What does your distribution, marketing and sales strategy look like
  • What products and services are you in and/or could you be in
  • What does your competitive horizon look like; and
  • What does your succession and exit plan look like

We will then look, in detail, at your Vision … what does the future hold?

Is it consolidation, growth, acquisition, merger, sale, franchise, licensing, capital raising, distribution, national, international, web etc.

This is, in one way, the simplest step, and it is what the weekend is really all about. Getting to the heart of your dream, your vision. Finding that place that provides motivation, enthusiasm, passion and joy. This is why you step out of your business and get away into the country. This is why you take four days and relax and get grounded to get really clear about what it is that you want to achieve.

With your Current Reality and Vision documented, we will then compile your Go Forward Plan and map out the steps to support you to achieve your vision.

Your Go Forward Plan will be used by us as our road map. It might include ongoing workshops and staff training programs, acquisitions, mergers, capital raising, sales and distribution strategies, a marketing plan, etc. It will be highly personalised to your business and simple, as best plans usually are.

Mentoring Sessions

Once the first six week intensive is complete we will then spend time each fortnight on Skype so that we can review your ongoing progress. We will continually check and adjust your plan and progress so that we are on track to achieve your vision.

At the end of each 12 months we will run a one-day debrief workshop in your office to determine how the year has gone and what the next steps might be.

We only work with a maximum of 6 Fast Track clients at any given time and this package is highly personalised and responsive. It includes:

  • 2 x 3 day workshop in the country
  • Up to 6 full days over 12 months working with you and your team at your office
  • Up to twenty Skype calls throughout the year to review progress and discuss matters generally as required, and
  • Multiple ad hock calls and access to our extensive network of advisers, financiers and associates.

This 10 month package is $70,000.00 plus GST which can be paid over 12 months, monthly in advance.

Tailored Workshops

We will plan and tailor ongoing workshops to help you achieve your vision. These workshops might cover things such as capital raising, acquisitions, mergers, succession/exit planning, risk mitigation and corporate structuring, leakage audit, HR review, IT assessment, reporting, systems and processes, marketing, sales or whatever you might specifically require to take your business to the next level including:

  • Team visioning workshop so that your team is fully engaged
  • Team profiling workshop
  • Team building workshop including:
    • Positioning
    • Mission
    • Language
    • Organisational Chart; and
    • Service performance standards
  • Sales and distribution workshop including:
    • Four quadrants
    • Six step sales process
    • Channel strategy and management
    • Breadth and depth
    • WOW and MOT; and
    • B2B and B2C strategy.

Most businesses sooner or later have a need to raise capital. And for many entrepreneurs this can be very challenging.

Mark has a sister company that he work with to support businesses by finding capital and debt solutions.

For more information visit Beyond Venture.