Helping Founders and CEOs Authentically Transform their Audacious Visions into Sustainable Realities Beyond Business, to all Areas of Life

I believe entrepreneurs are shaping the future of the world. If we are going to solve the challenges we face globally, it’s entrepreneurs who will lead the change. I feel it’s so important to support and nurture the creative vision of socially conscious entrepreneurs. That’s what my consulting and coaching through Behind the Scenes is all about. ”

Despite extraordinary career success, business leaders are often confronted with a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction in life. Highly passionate leaders and agents of change, they often have an unfulfilled desire to make the world a better place to live in.

They feel something is missing in their lives but find it hard to pinpoint what it is and find a solution. They feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and uncertain about what they need to do to live an enriched life.

Mark Falzon is insightful and able to see through the doubt, uncertainty and fear and uncover the truth in a matter of seconds and communicate what he sees honestly.

He intuitively brings a change in an individual by helping them channel their authentic power and vision to reconnect with their mission in a way that creates an impact on the world.


The Business Hero’s Journey is an unpacking of the adventure business owners, leaders or entrepreneur experience as they dive into the unknown world of their own creation and embark on their quest to create a prosperous company.  When a CEO, Founder or Entrepreneur can see that they are on this Hero’s Journey – and they have chosen business as their vehicle to experience that journey- then it allows them more freedom in their life. Challenges and problems become less personal. Much of the emotion and angst drains away because this new perspective allows them to step back and see the journey for what it is rather than being tangled up in the day to day issues and worries.

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Mentoring with Mark Falzon is for you if you are:

A passionate entrepreneur seeking help to achieve ambitious business goals

Seeking help to overcome challenges resulting from explosive business growth

Looking for an experienced advisor to facilitate structural shifts required to maximise team productivity

Struggling to overcome emotional blockages and elevate your mindset to achieve next-level business success

Unable to communicate at a subliminal level with people who matter the most to your success

Seeking to upgrade your skills and feel supported to take you from where you are to where you want to go

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