“I’ve worked in the thought leadership and influence world for a long time. Mark is one of those rare individuals that has proven business acumen, experience building large scale organisations and the insight to share what actually works. In other words, he’s been there.

Add to that he’s one of the wisest, most compassionate people I have the pleasure of knowing.

He walks his talk – both professionally and personally.

During a challenging time in my life, his was the only council I got my ass on a plane to go and seek. I still mentally revisit his words regularly.

Beyond the highest recommendation.”

Julie Masters
Founder and CEO Influence Nation

Mark is a smart and insightful businessman with a unique ability to recognise and capitalise on opportunity.

He has an amazing ability to create, unite and motivate teams to produce practical business outcomes.

Mark comes with my highest recommendation!

Craig West
CEO Succession Plus

Mark’s unique insight has given me clarity and really allowed me to take my businesses to the next level with a future that I had not imagined.

He really has expanded not just the opportunities for the business but for me personally.

I can’t recommend Mark enough, he will bring his incredible experience, together with his generosity of spirit to your business.

Jane Slack-Smith
Founder and CEO Your Property Success Australia

Mark is a Thought Leader. He understands business and the human drivers that make succeeding in business a challenge. He is a 21st century renaissance man with business smarts, creative production talents and a well-honed soul. I enjoy any time I get to spend with Mark and highly recommend him to you if you want a smart, 360 degree sounding board.

Matt Church
CEO Thought Leaders

Before I started working with Mark, I considered myself a professional person – I have over 20 years of experience working in financial markets, and I hold an MBA. I have worked at Trading Pursuits, which provides financial market education, since 2002 and I became the Managing Director in 2008. Prior to that, I worked at Macquarie Bank and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Mark, in the gentlest possible way, helped me realise how much I didn’t know about running a successful business.

Mark, in very practical and even measurable ways, continues to help me sustain that perspective shift.

I can now see that it is going to be the difference between being just a business “manager” and realising my full potential of becoming a business “visionary”.

I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to take their business skills to the next level.

Julie Cairns
Julie Cairns – CEO Trading Pursuits

Mark has the necessary balance between experience and knowledge, direction and guidance.

He can see and absorb a complex situation and then provide timely and valuable feedback.

A couple of strategic days at his farm are the perfect precursor to a company Strategic retreat. Mark also has the skills to facilitate and guide a shared result at that retreat.

Mark has significantly contributed to my personal and business growth over the last few years.

Thanks, Mark

James Hayes
Chairman and Founder Collective Intelligence Australia

Mark is one of the most extraordinary people I have had the pleasure of both working with and being able to call a friend. I followed his career for many years when he was in the financial and property sectors and watched with great respect his innovative and wholistic approach to business.

I more recently came to know him in his role as TV Producer. He is currently working alongside me on the documentary series “40 Women” as Executive Producer. His professionalism, creativity, ideas, calmness and wisdom are just a joy to work alongside. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Lisa Messenger
CEO Messenger Group

Mark is a very rare combination of intuitive feel for a situation combined with a sharp action oriented intellect focused on production and getting things done.
People like and trust Mark and want to do business with him.

He is a one of a kind thinker and doer and a lucky break for anyone fortunate enough to access his resources.

Frank Paul
CEO Moneytree Partners

Rarely have I met a person who has such a fine balance of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and humility. I am continually amazed and inspired by where our sessions go and what I come away with.

Mark has laser precision when it comes to identifying what most needs to be addressed and persisting calmly and gently to ensure that I stay focused on the outcome that I want to achieve.

Mark’s generosity, insight and guidance have been instrumental in helping me overcome some limiting mindsets and take tangible steps towards moving closer to my goals and desired outcomes for my business.

I am so grateful for the learning and experience of working with Mark.

Alison Pate
Head of Guest Relations | Business Services | Macquarie Group

Mark is one of the most creative people I have met and through his inspiring ideas can help to create some very extraordinary growth in a business.

Mark is passionate, courageous, strong and very intuitive and these aspects can bring a new perspective that may change or enhance the direction of any business.

It takes someone like Mark to expand a business’s thinking so that it can do extraordinary things.

Maurice Goldberg
CEO Ark Group

I met Mark Falzon more than 10 years ago when he first joined the Ark Group as the General Manager. Mark quickly grew Ark and expanded the business into a group of companies covering financial planning, mortgage broking, real estate, marketing and events. I joined Mark as the General Manager of Pulse Property, the Group’s real estate division, after a couple of years.

Mark had an incredible knack of finding, recruiting and developing an amazing group of people. He surrounded himself with exceptional team members that he helped to inspire and support so that they could achieve their full potential. The Group expanded rapidly and was listed in the BRW Fast 100 several years running. It was a unique business model in the Australian investment landscape integrating residential investment real estate into a wholistic financial plan. It had a strong and unique marketing strategy that delivered results both directly to its own clients and to a much broader client base through a network of national business partners.

Mark’s key strengths were his creativity, tenacity and ability to bring high quality people together in an inspiring and transforming environment. Working at Ark Group was a rewarding and exciting time for myself and many of the other key executives. Working with and knowing Mark has been a pleasure.

Dr Tony Hayek
CEO Blue Wealth Property

Mark, intrinsically has these amazing skills of knowing how to bring out the best in everyone – both personally and in their business.

He has great insight into processes and I would be most surprised if there is anyone who would not gain heaps from working with him.

His calm, non judgemental, reflective personality (injected with humour) makes him very easy to work with.

If you would like to do something exceptional, you need to be exceptional and be coached by someone who is exceptional. Mark’s skills certainly fit this bill.

Every time I spend a day with Mark, not only are there immediate changes in the way I approach my business and the processes therein, there are sound growth strategies implemented and returns that I never imagined.

It would be hard to imagine that everyone would not get this same value should they chose to work with Mark.

Danielle Chiel
CEO Danielle Chiel Knitwear

“Mark is a truly gifted visionary that works exceptionally well building and developing a team. He sees the big picture and has brilliant ideas which, when implemented, will see a business blossom. Mark is creative to his fingertips and has the ability to grasp issues quickly and then deliver you with ideas to grow massive value.

Mark works from the heart and only on projects that he believes in.

I believe that a business owner that gets to work with Mark will achieve significant growth that comes from his vision and ideas.”

Ivan Kaye
CEO Business Strategies International

Mark is an extraordinary human being. Behind his quiet and thoughtful demeanor is a beautiful mind, full of endless possibilities.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mark at a Business Acceleration Incubator. With Mark listening intently during many discussions, he delivered his untimely wisdom to me, culminating in stretching my mind to bring forth what I would love in my life and business. There was no decision to make, I wanted to work with Mark.

Beginning the journey with Mark, completely focusing on my visions over a few days, it is difficult for me to remember who I was before. His business strategies, coupled with his passion for creative entrepreneurship have inspired me to move mountains – watch out world!

There is no mistake that I met Mark at the crossroads of life and am honoured to call him my Mentor and friend.

Sandy Simmons
CEO Simply Better Health

Mark is a terrific mentor. His down to earth attitude, makes him extremely easy to talk to.

His incredible business knowledge and strategic thinking has personally guided me to a new level. He has really opened my eyes to thinking outside the square.

Mark’s mentoring sessions have supported our team produced a marketing plan that has already had a significant impact (in one case alone we increased conversions by more than 50%).

With Mark’s guidance we have adjusted our whole business strategy which will enable us to significantly build on the momentum already established.

Daniella McGregor
Head of Sales & Marketing – Trading Pursuits Pty Ltd

I’ve known Mark close on 10 years and have seen him in action on many occasions.

He is extremely considered and recalls lessons from his past to ensure practical application of those learnings in the current situation.

His very broad industry and business base allows him to easily translate situations and identify the best course of action.

I recommend that you meet Mark and decide for yourself.

Gisele Gambi
CEO Dare to be Remarkable

I can’t write a ‘brief recommendation’ for Mark Falzon … I can only write a 4000 page one … with heaps of stars and sprinkles on it. Mark is gobsmackingly awesome in a multitude of ways. A conduit, an interpreter of the multi-faceted aspects of business/life/dreams and everything that weaves between them. He encourages, explains and listens with infinite patience and wisdom. His knowledge and experience in the business of LIFE is refreshingly inspiring …. to say the least. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to be successful … happy and have a balanced and beautiful life.

Melanie Curry
CEO Singing Creek