23 ideas to grow your business faster

23 ideas to grow your business faster

Here are 23 ideas, many of which, to varying degrees, will accelerate the growth of your business.  Some of these ideas are simple and easy to implement.  Others are much more complicated and expensive. These are the top results from a recent Google search on How To Grow Your Business Fast.

The interesting thing about all of these ideas however, is that they all refer to the what to do or the how to do it but not the why.  I don’t mean why you need to do these things but the bigger why. Why you are doing what you do. Simon Sinek suggests that the reason many of the highly successful global brands are so successful is that they have figured out their big why. Apple figured out their why and became the biggest company on the planet and attracted a massive global tribe that resonated with that why.  So, what’s your why?

  1. Open another location
  2. Offer your business as a franchise or business opportunity
  3. License your product
  4. Form an alliance
  5. Diversify
  6. Target other markets
  7. Win a government contract
  8. Merge with or acquire another business
  9. Expand globally
  10. Expand to the Internet
  11. Give Stuff Away for Free, and Create a Buzz About You and Your Business!
  12. Innovate, Don’t Duplicate!
  13. Create a Company Culture to Be Proud Of!
  14. Spend more time in sales
  15. Be a niche player
  16. Launch a lead generation campaign
  17. Revamp your unique selling proposition (USP’s)
  18. Build your reputation
  19. Get connected
  20. Build an alliance
  21. Increase your price
  22. Be competitive
  23. Align Outcomes

This is a great Ted video worth watching – Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

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