Letting Go of the Past …

Letting Go of the Past …

In our human form we perceive things through our various sensors and then try and make sense of them by defining them in some way.

Good – bad, right – wrong, soft – hard, round – square.

These definitions (beliefs) are based on our limited perception.

Based on our perceptions and definitions we then go about living out the fixation (or lie) of the underlying definition (belief) based on the original flawed perception.

Once you become conscious of the delusion and realise that everything is not as it seems, everything changes.

Once you see the code (to use the Matrix metaphor) you never see things the same way again. The illusion is shattered.

Our ego wants to make sense of the world. That’s its job. To keep us safe so that we can survive based on the illusion that we are separate from everything.

Conscious living is about seeing the truth and realising that you are the creator and that at any moment you are choosing your reality.

Letting go of the past is part of the illusion, as your memory of the past is a lie based on your false perceptions and definition at the time.

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