The Wall

The Wall

A friend once suggested to me that every business is hurtling toward hitting the wall. Some see it coming and manage to avoid it, whilst others have no idea what is about to happen. The significance of this statement never really hit me at the time!

Big or small, there is nothing obvious to distinguish one business from another when it comes to hitting the wall. Who could have imagined that some of the largest financial institutions in the world would hit the wall the way they did during the GFC.

All businesses are heading toward a wall of some kind at different speeds and will hit it, and hit it hard, if they are not prepared and looking forward. What are you doing to avoid the wall racing toward you at the moment? Do you have a plan? Can you imagine what the wall might look like? It can be as significant as a cashflow crisis from too much success and rapid growth, to something as simple as a lease that is about to expire. It could be a key person crisis, or your industry could be changing and your business threatened by technology. Compliance, licensing and regulation costs might squeeze you out, or your competition might be about to radically change the way the game is played.

There is no point sticking your head in the sand. Better to look up and see what you can do to avoid the wall. Do it sooner than later and the wall just might turn into a platform for you to take your business to another level.

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